I just saw myself from the Beyblade interview in the Livestream…


My voice is horrible, my accent to speak English is ridiculous, the acne on my face is noticeable, I don’t look at the camera, I’m hideous!! 

Oh, I know, next time I’ll try to disguise myself as DJ Jazzman!

Or dress more presentable at least (can’t get rid of the acne though)

Well, this next Sunday I’ll do another interview (if there are no future plans) So you can start adding your Beyblade QUESTIONS in the ask box :)

If you have an idea of what else to do during the interview don’t be shy to share :D


Anonymous asked:

That deleted scene w/ Mr Dickinson being all grandpa toward Ray, that moment was so special . Excuse my feels *cries*. Goddamn you dub for taking this moment away. Shows how much Dickinson cares for them personally.